Hey, Welcome to my page - My name is Aarthi!

How I Started Working with My Higher Self?

I started by setting intentions for everything I did. I kept a journal specifically for my intention-setting ritual and turned out, I loved setting goals and intentions for myself (rather than an endless to-do list of day to day chores). Then with each new assignment, I would review my intentions from the previous month, and I soon began to see something amazing… The Power behind working with your higher self.

From here I had dived deeper into various practices, like tarot, yoga, and meditation. Though I was initiated with reiki at 13, it was only in 2020 that I grew my tarot/Reiki practice where I was called to do readings for my customers.

From there, I began my journey to self and I am still am on the path to living the best life my soul needs.

With Conscious Tarot, I would love to see everyone who is reading this to :

  • Discover your intuitive power & seek clarity on how & why you approach life.
  • Bring more magic & meaning into your life.