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​I connected with Tarot in my early 30's and carry crystals with me, I practice sage cleansing, incorporate moon magic and lot's of meditation. I began to read books about dreams and spirituality and alternative healing remedies and that was the beginning of my journey. Thanks to my astrologer, when he asked me to start with the book, the journey of souls, by Michael Newton.

I started the website, created content and product with one goal, which was to turn my gift and passion into something I could share with others. I am still evolving and so I really thank you all for your support, I hope my content continues to inspire you all and serve its purpose.

I got through the rain and I am now living in the light. It's time for me to share how I got to this place.

My journey with self, manifestation and intuitive readings began after I vaguely started to recognize my karmic cycles. This new, unknown way of life turned my thoughts into, what’s more! Through Reiki, homeopathy and lots of “Abraham Hicks” I was guided into reading Tarot. I started to tap into my own energy so well, I would just know what’s ahead. My inner vortex simply started becoming a vibrational match to everything I wanted, and every time I wanted to tap into energy I would simply connect.

So, through psychotherapy, trauma informed experts, my inner vortex Reiki and lots and lots of meditation and self-awareness I discovered who I really was and from there, it is upward, forward only. I would like everyone to have this feeling of content and peace within themselves too, thus this page.

The creator and Temperance at Conscious Tarot!

I spend years feeling disconnected from myself this was after a relationship breakdown, I was suppressing my emotions, I hit rock bottom. This period was the breakthrough point for me, I connected with my faith and intuition. I told myself this viscous cycle has to end. After that breakthrough thought I knew this time it was different. I feel more stronger, more aligned & more me. I am the sun the keeper of my life, in my mind I needed to push for change so I can move forward and build a life I want to live and restore the shine back into my world.

"Life goes through phases of emptiness to feel whole again, empower yourself to renew your spirit and strengthen your Soul"