The creator and Temperance at Conscious Tarot!

My journey with self, manifestation and intuitive readings began after I started vaguely recognizing my karmic cycles. This new, unknown way of life, self–gifted me with a whirling sense of purpose. Essentially, I was guided down by my Reiki master/soulmate/soul sister, with an unbeaten path to reclaiming my inner power. Outside of being a fully active HR professional in the corporate world it was through Reiki, psychotherapy & homeopathy that I discovered who I truly was.
This page was created with lots of love, awareness and a deep sense of gratitude. I want people out there to know everyone's power lies in their higher self. The key is always to look "WITHIN".

Aarati is an intuitive tarot reader, Reiki Practitioner & HR business catalyst by profession. She is a soulpreneur who lives in Chennai, India. 

The thing about a SOUL-based business, is everything you do, for your soul, it ripples out into your business and I am ALL ABOUT IT!


Looking for answers from the Universe?

Got Questions – I’ve got answers for you!

In a tarot reading, you are free to ask what’s on your mind, and i will give you the answers from the tarot cards.

Questions I love answering!

I’m often asked the following questions during readings:

  • What is my ideal career? I dislike my current job and want a more soul-aligned career, but don’t know what should I do.
  • I started seeing someone new, what will be the outcome of our relationship
  • I need some guidance on my financial situation, what do I need to work on?
  • I feel really stuck lately and I don’t know what to do. Can you give me some guidance?