How I Started Working with My Higher Self ?

I started by setting intentions for everything I did. I kept a journal specifically for my intention-setting ritual and turned out I loved setting goals and intentions for myself (rather than an endless to-do list of household chores). Then each new assignment, I would review my intentions from the previous month, and I soon began to see something amazing… The Power behind working with your higher self.

With Conscious Tarot, you can…

  • Discover your intuitive power & seek clarity on how & why you approach life
  • Bring more magic & meaning into your life.

Find your inner/higher self

My own GSD, has immensely helped me get downloads. He has been an integral part of this awakening.
His higher self strangely enough connected with my HS and the journey began ever since.
I pray and trust everyone finds their unique way to connect with their inner vortex and we at Conscious Tarot would be happy to help ya'll get to the best versions of yourself.