New Year 2024 Readings


2024 Readings will be available only until the 14th of Jan.

Shipping Policy – All readings will be delivered within 48 hours after the reader  has confirmed on email to the client

Returns & Cancellation Policy – All readings are non refundable once paid to the reader.

Pricing & Terms & Conditions* – All energy exchange fee’s are discussed and accepted by the customer once a booking is confirmed.



As the clock strikes midnight and we bid farewell to the old, a new year unfolds before us, brimming with possibilities, opportunities, and the promise of fresh beginnings. So what better way to embark on the new year than by tapping into our intuitive abilities and have a tarot reading to discover the blessings that await us? ✨⁠

In this reading, we’ll explore a simple yet powerful tarot spread designed to help you unveil the blessings that are set to manifest in your life throughout the new year.⁠

Year Ahead Tarot Spread:⁠

🎆 Card 1: Theme of the Year – This card represents the overarching energy that will influence your experiences in the coming year. Take note of the symbolism and colors, and reflect on how it resonates with your aspirations and goals.⁠

🎆 Card 2: Blessings in Relationships – Explore the dynamics of your personal and professional relationships. This card unveils the positive influences and blessings that will enhance your connections with others.⁠

🎆 Card 3: Career and Finances – Delve into the realm of work and finances. This card offers insights into the opportunities and abundance that may manifest in your professional life and financial well-being.⁠

🎆 Card 4: Personal Growth and Spirituality – Connect with your inner self. This card reveals the blessings and growth opportunities on your spiritual journey and personal development path.⁠

🎆 Card 5: Health and Wellbeing – Focus on your physical and mental health. This card sheds light on the blessings and positive changes that may contribute to your overall well-being.⁠

🎆 Card 6: Unexpected Surprises – Embrace the element of surprise. This card highlights unexpected blessings and opportunities that may come into your life, bringing joy and excitement.⁠

Happy New Year! ✨


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